Herbert (Salinger Purple Metallic)

Love Story

„Today, exactly to the day, I have had „my“ Moews Salinger Fortissimo in ‚purple metallic‘ in my hands for 3 weeks and it is getting harder and harder to let it out of my hands every day (…).
(…) after a long wait – a few months – (…) it arrived intact (…) well packed. 2 hours wait … guitar in box , 2 hours wait in unpacked state without box, but in case at correct room temperature and humidity in home studio. I’m picky about that – wood lives.

Moews Salinger Purple Metallic

Since receiving the ‚Moews‘ I feel transported to this time experience. The facial expressions and gestures of joy on my face will not go away… yes, I’m honestly really happy! … and so far this is still continuing …😊
First impressions go a long way …
The color purple metallic was the right choice for me, I like it and wanted to have it exactly like that even though another electric guitar by Moews already exists like that – I fell in love with this color. The nitro finish has exactly the fine hairline cracks as it should be and the aging is incredibly well done, better than in the pictures. Headstock small and with technically correct (!) strings in the tuners, clean, no over wiring. No string marks or pressure points in the fingerboard.
Tuner connected and tuned. Strap into the Schaller strap pins and re-hung. First played without amp … it sounds good without (no buzzing) … connected to the test amp Laney VC 30-112 -without floor pedal- and tested in the clear sound channel without reverb … single-coil on the neck, single-coil in the middle and humbucker on the bridge … turn it up … soft sound, pleasantly bluesy, assertive, powerful, loud, with the necessary attack when playing the strings with and without plectrum…. so, and now the whole thing in the second channel with more boom, slightly to fully distorted … turn it up … now the bear is dancing ….!! – That’s a real joy!!! 😊😊👍
Oh yes, press the push-poti for the humbucker single coil…you can hear the difference clearly…
Volume control ok – no scratching. Both tone controls go quickly (about 1/4 turn) into „muted mode“ without having to do a full turn of 270 degrees or more.
No buzzing of the strings with amp – string action set correctly! … and the ebony fingerboard smooth and in combination with the V-shape of the roasted maple neck … – simply gigantic….
(…) „Hand-flattering feel and the excellent playability“ I can confirm with a pure conscience completely 100%.

That is why I am very, very reluctant to let it out of my hands … the addictive potential of smoothness and hand-feel caught me completely. It is simply fun to elicit the sound from her, which sounds unturned and simply great (awesome).
If you don’t believe it, please touch a Moews Salinger Fortissimo at Ralf’s or test it when he has one there …
The fretboard radius is very good for a fast playing technique and finger slides on ebony … a poem, I didn’t know that before. From the 17th fret on, the neck is easy to play even in the higher registers, as there is a bevel – nothing thick interferes anymore. Screw in the tremolo lever and lo and behold it stays where I want it – without Teflon tape wrapping – and after more than x times of use, the guitar is still in tune! Simply great!!!
A highlight, besides the self-lubricating bone nut, are the frets. Perfectly fitted, the ends cleanly deburred at the top and bottom, nothing protruding, nothing uneven, cleanly removed and not just polished over and everything straight – I checked it with a straight edge. (…)
But what I have in my hands here, technically, optically (heavy aged) and in terms of sound potential, we do not need to discuss here. This is perfect – the finest, first class!
I don’t need to indulge in adulation here – I don’t get any money for this – I mean it exactly as I describe it here.
Yes, Det, I can only repeat myself: for me this is optically, technically and sound-technically upper league at its best, absolute master class!
Unfortunately, you live a bit far away from me, otherwise I would.