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moews Guitars guitar mood Photo credit: Steffi Behrmann Fotografie

The moews Ginsberg Offset Guitar likes is like its famous namesake, the Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg. Fresh, bell-like, clean, impulsive or simply beatific? An instrument that is „beatific“ and always inspires its player to explore new worlds of sound and lose himself in them. (moews Ginsberg Black Paisley now playing at Lead Guitars, Potsdam)

moews Ginsberg Old Black

Our moews Ginsberg Offset guitar comes across as unconstrained and earthy. A lightweight of just under 3 kg, thanks to the Silkwood body wood. It is dressed in old black and decorated with cobweb-like lacquer cracks. It proudly wears a festive pickguard made of matt aluminium. The roasted maple neck with dark ebony fingerboard in the tried and tested „Sweet V“ shape is a perfect match.

moews Ginsberg Black Paisley

What could harmonise better than our free-spirited moews Ginsberg Offset guitar together with the beautiful, endlessly blooming Paisley design and discreet Collector Ageing. As if the Ginsberg had been transported to an earlier time, it fits into the player’s virtuoso hands as if by magic. Here it has found its rightful place.