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Our moews guitars are loved. The private impressions of our customers will tell you how much. Our customer testimonials compiled for you.

Herbert (Salinger Purple Metallic)

„Today, exactly to the day, I have had „my“ Moews Salinger Fortissimo in ‚purple metallic‘ in my hands for 3 weeks and it is getting harder and harder to let it out of my hands every day (…).
(…) after a long wait – a few months – (…) it arrived intact (…) well packed. 2 hours wait … guitar in box , 2 hours wait in unpacked state without box, but in case at correct room temperature and humidity in home studio. I’m picky about that – wood lives.

moews Ginsberg Old Black

Martin (Ginsberg Old Black)

„As expected, I got a great guitar! Old Black is great and I am happy. Beautiful instrument. Very tasteful, a visual stunner. (…) Very cool! The P90 makes a wonderful sound (…). Fits. And the weight again… Spot on. The Ginsberg from Silkwood. Super, super light and comfortable. At the same time with a fullness and clarity of tone.