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Herbert (Salinger Purple Metallic)

“Today, exactly to the day, I have had “my” Moews Salinger Fortissimo in ‘purple metallic’ in my hands for 3 weeks and it is getting harder and harder to let it out of my hands every day (…).
(…) after a long wait – a few months – (…) it arrived intact (…) well packed. 2 hours wait … guitar in box , 2 hours wait in unpacked state without box, but in case at correct room temperature and humidity in home studio. I’m picky about that – wood lives.

Martin (Ginsberg Old Black)

“As expected, I got a great guitar! Old Black is great and I am happy. Beautiful instrument. Very tasteful, a visual stunner. (…) Very cool! The P90 makes a wonderful sound (…). Fits. And the weight again… Spot on. The Ginsberg from Silkwood. Super, super light and comfortable. At the same time with a fullness and clarity of tone.