Martin (Ginsberg Old Black)

“As expected, I got a great guitar! Old Black is great, and I am happy. Beautiful instrument. Very tasteful, a visual stunner. (…) Very cool! The P90 makes a wonderful sound (…). Fits. And the weight again… Spot on. And the neck is a dream. Roasted (…)

moews Ginsberg Old Black

The Ginsberg in Silkwood. Super, super light and comfortable. At the same time with a fullness and clarity of tone. Basically, quite simple. You just must get it right. Visually and in terms of workmanship and. (…) It’s my band guitar and will remain so. I play the full program with it, with several, fundamentally different sounds. Clear pearly with and without modulations, funky, crunchy up to the full board. Singing lead sounds in all gain levels. Warm or biting. As I need it, it does wonderfully. Then there is the look, pure rock’n’roll and suitable for stage use (it is something and not everyone has it…), functionality, playing comfort and high-end workmanship. Great concept. So simple if you can do it. That is why I really wanted a second one and I was not disappointed. Opened the case, saw the guitar, touched it, took it in my hand and played it. Mine. At home. (…) Big compliments again. I’m a big fan.”