Andreas – Germany – (Ginsberg „The Fall“)

Love Story

I’m relaxing in the wellness area of a beautiful hotel in the Allgäu and looking forward to the latest issue of grand gtrs and what do my delighted eyes see: Moews Ginsberg ‘The Fall’ and I was immediately in love with it.

I contacted Moews Guitars from Bielefeld while still in the sauna, and after a friendly chat with Michaela and Det Moews to clarify a few questions, I had the unique instrument in my hands a few days later.

What can I say? As a spoilt owner of a few selected custom shop guitars, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the individual case in grey suede.

The good piece jumps out at me with a golden verdigris smile and the previously unseen body shape (off-set) makes me want to pick it up.

What skilful and natural aging, I can’t get enough of it and the tactile feel of the Ginsberg is a special experience and I’m looking forward to the first notes, so I quickly plugged it into the 80 Hiwatt (Custom 50) via a Celestion Creamback speaker (open cabinet).

The sound development is incredibly fast, the string separation is marvellous, that’s how it should be! The individual notes come through with foundation and the dynamic modulation brings so much liveliness that you can’t help but grin with delight. Silvery high mids sound brilliantly three-dimensional from the speaker, the powerful ebony fingerboard on the maple neck brings it to the fore.

You can hear and see from the guitar that nothing has been left to chance and that Det Moews‘ decades of expertise have been channelled into this wonderful guitar. For me, German craftsmanship at its best, made in Bielefeld, Germany. Chapeau.