moews Ginsberg Sage Green


Our „moews Ginsberg Sage Green“ is a modern interpretation of the traditional offset design of days gone by. The matt-silky nitro finish in „Sage Green“ gives this copy a pleasantly reduced but appealing look, which is given a unique character and a beautiful patina by authentic lacquer cracks, various signs of wear and discoloration.

The „Silkwood“ body material comes from the South American floret silk tree and is characterized by its light weight (the guitar weighs less than 2.7 kg) and its excellent properties for instrument making. It is harmoniously combined with beautifully flamed maple for the neck and dark ebony for the fingerboard. The neck shape, which we call „Sweet V“, has a wafer-thin nitro finish and offers the player the typically pleasant feel that characterizes a „Moews“ and even more so a „moews Ginsberg Sage Green“.

The two TV Jones Super’Trons deliver a warm sound while retaining the characteristic clarity of the Filter’Tron pickups. Response, sound development and vibration behavior are of the highest quality.

In the Swedish singer-songwriter Christian Kjellvander, our Ginsberg has found an artist who playfully and creatively becomes a harmonious unit with her.

„The emotionality with which Christian arranges his pieces and his artistic expression really appealed to me. I was looking for an artist who fits in with our philosophy. I call it the magical connection between a musician and his instrument that lasts a lifetime. I see this close relationship when I see Christian on stage with my guitar.“

Det Moews about the Swedish musician Christian Kjellvander


Model moews Ginsberg

Body » Silk Wood

Color / Finish / Aging
» Color / Finish Sage Green
» Aging Player

» Wood Birdseye Maple (one piece)
» Scale length 648 mm / 25,5“
» Shape V
» Fretboard – Rosewood
» Radius 10-14
» Inlays White light pearl
» Frets Narrow, 22
» Nut Unbleached Bone
» Trussrod Dual Action
» Finish Nitro

» Tuners Hipshot 6-In-Line Classic Open Chrome Staggered
» Bridge Moews Master Relic Gotoh 510fx-6

Pickups / Electric
» Neck TV Jones Super‘Tron
» Middle
» Bridge TV Jones Super‘Tron
» Wiring Volume, Tone / 3-Way Lever Switch

Pickguard/ Control Plate
» 1 Layer Turtoise

» Weight 2.688 Gramm
» Case Branded Tweed Hard Case

Neue Westfälische Newspaper 27th of March 2024

On tour in Europe with guitar from Bielefeld

Swedish musician Christian Kjellvander became famous in Germany in 2021 thanks to an ARD TV series.

Bielefeld. The singer has a very special relationship with the city on the Teutoburg Forest in Germany. Christian Kjellvander has a soft spot for Bielefeld in North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. The Swedish musician, who was recently honoured as Composer of the Year 2023 in his home country, performed with his band at JZ Kamp last Friday for the 10th time. The charismatic musician with the sonorous voice, who became famous through the film music for the series „The Dead of Marnow“, is also a big fan of the Kunsthalle Bielefeld. And last but not least, Kjellvander has opted for the craftsmanship of Bielefeld-based electric guitar maker Det Moews.

The contact with Moews came about in the summer of 2023 when the singer-songwriter gave a guest performance in Lower Saxony. They met in the tranquil town of Cardenberge, where the guitar maker handed over the Moews Ginsberg guitar in a delicate sage green colour for the musician to play. Kjellvander spontaneously played the instrument during his performance and was impressed by the playability and warm sound of the handmade instrument. Since then, the Swede has been touring the stages of Europe with the guitar made in Bielefeld.

Kjellvander and his band fulfilled all of the audience’s expectations at JZ Kamp. With the presentation of their new album „Hold Your Love Still“, the four musicians convinced the audience with calm, solemn tones, spherical organ sounds and melodic arrangements. Then again, a furious storm of sound erupted between shrill guitar riffs and Svante Slöbom’s opulently thundering drum solos, swelling into a hurricane. Band members Per Wiberg on stage piano and Ruben Engzell on bass and percussion laid the foundations for the sometimes atmospheric, sometimes Nordic-mystical dark music.

Christian Kjellvander’s music thrives on contrasts, which he also effectively stages linguistically in his lyrics. In the creative phase of the current album, Kjellvander shows his reflective side and self-critically explores the challenges of leading an honest life. At the same time, he strikes a conciliatory note and looks to the future with hope. The album enriches his characteristically melancholic mood with floating compositions in major keys that turn every song into a profound experience. This emotionality of the Swede in the arrangement of his pieces and his artistic expression appealed to the guitar maker from Bielefeld: „I was looking for an artist who fits our philosophy,“ Det Moews describes his choice. It is the magical connection between a musician and his instrument that lasts a lifetime. „I see this close relationship when I see Christian on stage with my guitar,“ says Moews with delight. In the meantime, a friendship has developed between musician and guitar maker.

So a visit to the guitar showroom in Bielefeld’s historic city centre was a must. After visiting the Kunsthalle, of course.

Written by Michaela Heinze