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moews Hemingway Vintage Blonde

The moews Hemingway Vintage Blonde from the moews guitar making forge reveals its beauty unobtrusively and without airs and graces. Down-to-earth, it comes with a Swamp Ash body, one-piece of course, as well as the ornamental flame maple neck, which dresses it excellently. The, at first sight, inconspicuous guitar keeps a little secret inside.

moews Hemingway Keef Micawber

The moews Hemingway Keef Micawber is already by nature a rocked-out piece of guitar. So the, by us so named, Roadie Ageing is almost understated, thinking of the actual owner of this instrument with his 60 years of stage experience. Honor to whom honor is due.

Keef Micawber – the myth

How a Guitar Mod by Keith Richards changed the guitar cosmos. A myth is a story that is unique and, in its embellishment always offers new fuel for legendary additions. The story surrounding the myth of the legendary Keef Micawber guitar, which Keith Richards once […]